Logo design

The Beehive Cafe

You already own a business and the world has just emerged from a pandemic so the last thing you’d probably do is set up another business. Well, that’s exactly what Jen & Simon of Bee’s Knees Bakes decided to do in September 2022.

They approached us after a referral and, perhaps surprisingly, after seeing my weekly cycling posts on Facebook! Thankfully, this didn’t deter them and they popped into Wyke Creative HQ for coffee and a chat.

I purposely cycled in that day to get everyone in the mood and it resulted in a great meeting!!  Whilst we sipped coffee, interspersed with comical cycling tales, the ideas started flowing and they agreed to me designing their new logo.

Out came the logo scribble pad (I’m hoping that one day it might be worth something!) and the sketching began.

Jen and Simon provided a clear brief, almost doing the concept work for me, however it soon became obvious that in reality their logo concept wasn’t aligned to their business goals or ambitions.

It may sound cliche but I had a lightbulb moment, so I got to work immediately on my own vision for their business.

Jen & Simon mentioned a skep in their original concept idea so after some help from Mr Google (you learn a lot doing this job), I set out to build this into the logo concept.

The end result is an upside down skep made to look like a teacup with the quirky addition of a bee flying out in the form of a tea bag tag.

Bingo! Jen and Simon loved it straight away, not even a tweak to the design.

If you’re driving onto Portland anytime soon, do take a look to your left and you’ll see how much they love it!! A ginormous version of it now adorns the wall of their premises.

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