We're a small business too

here's our story.....

Our journey started back in 2013 when out of a bad situation came a fantastic opportunity

Our journey started back in 2013 when out of a bad situation came a fantastic opportunity

In the beginning it was just me, my custom built PC and a Twitter account with no followers!

Kevin Swindell
Creative Director

Design experts

In 2016 we moved into our new studio in Weymouth, removing the need to hide the washing before client meetings!

My good friend and fellow ‘Prontaprinter’ Sammy joined me in 2017, doubling the workforce and doubling the creativity!

Sammy Birch
Social Media Marketing

In 2022 we celebrated our 9th year in business – planning for a special 10th celebration is already underway!

Kevin Swindell
Creative Director

Creative wizard, genius, mad as a box of frogs, I’ve been called many things over the years but my birth name is Kevin and I’m just an ordinary guy with a passion for helping people.

My journey in design started way back in 1992 when I was accepted into The Bournemouth School for Graphic Design, now called Arts University Bournemouth. There I learnt the basics of design, design science and developed my obsession for typography!

Following years in the printing industry, in 2013 I was made redundant from my Marketing Manager role and decided to start up on my own. The rest, as they say, is history!

When I’m not making things look pretty I’m hurtling down hills and zipping through forest trails on my e-bike, and taking photos with my ever growing collection of camera gear – not at the same time though, although…

Sammy Birch - Social Media Assistant

Sammy Birch
Digital Marketing Manager

I’ve worked with Kev for over 5 years, but really, it all began more than 20 years ago when we first worked together at Prontaprint and soon became good friends.

As the business grew, I initially came onboard to help with the admin side of things but quickly moved on to what I really love – writing!

From managing social media accounts and running ad campaigns to writing the content for entire websites. If you need help finding the right words, I’m your gal!

When I’m not busy with my two boys or out with friends, I have plenty of hobbies to keep me entertained. Right now it’s finally getting round to reading The Thursday Murder Club series and creating some new artwork for the house!

A creative brain and an incredible eye for detail, combined we make a formidable team!