3 ways to boost your Facebook business page.

Facebook may well be losing followers worryingly too quickly for Zuckerburg and his chums liking, but it’s still a great place to promote your business.
With this potential desertion of followers looming we thought we’d share 3 simple things you should be doing with your Facebook business pages to get the most out of them and attract new followers.
1: Get page verified.
This is often overlooked by many businesses and Facebook doesn’t advertise it but it’s quick and painless to get your business page verified. Not only does it give your page more credibility over a non-verified page, it also improves your page ranking in Facebook searches. Perhaps the best thing about it is that you get to enjoy the automated Irish accent, particularly pleasing when you have a 3 in your code!! #tree
2: Chat bots
Connecting your website to Facebook Messenger is surprisingly simple to do especially if you have a WordPress website, it gives you your very own ‘live chat’ function on your website which connects directly to your mobile Messenger app. Using free apps such as MobileMonkey and Manychat enables you to set up automatic replies too, nothing complex (although you probably can if you have the time), just simple commands such as “How much is this product?”, “What are your opening times?”, you get the picture. Chatbots are reasonably new so we’re still getting to grips with them but once we’re experts we’ll be back to tell you more!
3: Groups
In addition or instead of having a chat bot, and if you’re always on Facebook for your business anyway, set up private groups for your customers, give them perks such as discounts and early offer pledges to encourage them to join. Imagine it as a way of emailing all of your customers the same content in one message, handy. Groups are massively underused currently but with Facebook’s shift to push them more the time to start thinking about your business group is now. We recently set up a group for The Dorset Hideaway called the ‘Hideaway Hub’ where lucky campsite goers could keep up to date with events, chat with fellow campers and share pictures of their stay onsite, it’s proved so successful that we are currently working on our very own private group, ‘The Creative Hub”, more news on that to follow.
So there you have it people our top 3 tips (as of June 2019) on what you should be doing with your Facebook business page, if you’re already doing these then well done you, if you’re not then you’re lagging behind and need to get onto it straight away.